sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

Autumn Rocker

Supplies Needed: 
Tubes of your choice. I am using a tube by Gemini Creationz. You can purchase the tube: here 
Scrap kit Autumn Spice (FTU) by: Topcats Tagz  here

Open a new image: 600x600
Open: element 16. Copy - Paste, as a new layer. With the magic wand click inside of the frame. 
Selections - Modify - Expand: 5 

Open: paper5. Copy - Paste as a new layer. Move it below the frame.
Resize at 70 - Smart Size. Selections - Invert. Edit - Clear. 
Selections - Invert. (do not deselect)

Open the close up of the tube. Copy - Paste as a new layer. move it to the right side. 
Selections - Invert. Edit - Clear. Selections - Invert. (do not deselect)
Change the blend mode to Screen.

Open: element 8. Image - Mirror. Copy - Paste, as a new layer. 
Selections - Invert. Edit - Clear and Deselect

Open: element 28. Copy - Paste, as a new layer. Resize at 70 - Smart Size. 
Move it a little to the bottom,  over the frame layer.

Open, Copy - Paste, as a new layer these elements from the kit:
element 36
element 9
element 7
element 43
element 20
element 21
element 22 
element 5
element 31
element 41
element 23 (in the bottom)

apply drop shadow:
V: 1 H: 2
O: 60 B: 5

Open the tube. Copy - Paste, as a new layer. Rezise if needed an move it to the left.

Apply drop shadow:
V: 0 H: 4
O: 50 B: 5

Add your name and copyright. Save now as jpg or png.
You're done!

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